Pocket Drums – Rolands TR-REC Game app

Roland has just released a free TR-REC rhythm game app for Android and iOS. In the app you have to complete the rhythm within the allotted time, building up layer upon layer of rhythm parts along with the beat.

Although it could be seen as just a fun time-waster, it does also encourage users to get faster and better at programming drums and get used to how drum parts fit together.

Based on the sounds of Roland’s TR-808 and TR-8 Rhythm machines, you can quickly get to putting a groove together. Although simple to use, it was certainly not pick up and play – I needed to go through the tutorial to find out what was going on(!)

You can boost your sequencing skills with Roland’s new mobile-game and have fun getting hands on creating dance audio tracks. It’s a free app so you might as well get it and try it out for yourself.


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